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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Perfect DIY Mother's Day Gifts

This Mother's day I want to give my mum something special from the heart. But my budget is quite low. I have come across some meaningful and precious gifts that look like they cost you a fortune but were right on budget. These gifts were taken from Diy&Crafts , I tried them and they were so good so creds to Diy&Crafts.
Soo lets get cracking...

Mint Lime Foot Soak

               Mint Lime Foot Soak

Mom will absolutely adore this mint lime foot soak. It smells yummy and the recipe is so easy that you can make several jars so you’ll have loads of gifts to give. Just decorate the jar once you’ve finished filling it up and you can even add this to a basket if you want. If you have a few smaller Mason jars or jam jars, this one will only cost you the ingredients which are very few and very inexpensive. Go ahead and make Mom some foot soak for Mother’s Day. She’ll love it and you’ll love how cheap and easy this recipe is.
Echoes of Laughter: Mint Lime Scrub

Lotion Bars

Lotion BarsThese lotion bars are inexpensive and easy to make and are perfect for warding off that rough winter skin. Mom will adore the nourishment that the bars give and you can make them for around £7 or so for several (depending on the size that you want to make them). You can buy forms to create small decorative bars and fill a basket with them or just make a larger one – it’s all up to you. The bars contain beeswax, coconut oil and Shea butter and are the perfect answer to dry skin problems.

                                                                      Butterfly Pendants

Butterfly Pendants
These adorable butterfly pendants look like real butterflies but they are actually silk. This is a great gift idea for Moms who love the outdoors and they are really easy to make. You can create a pendant for Mom for less than £8– you could actually do several of these for less than £15. If you have a few craft supplies already on hand, this one will be even less expensive. You just add a chain or make it into a broach if you want. They resemble specimen boxes and are sure to spark interest when Mom wears them.
Craft Unleashed

                Photo Monogram Letter

Photo Monogram LetterA large wooden letter, that you should be able to find at most craft stores for less than £10, is the perfect base to create a wonderful photo collage. You just choose the pictures that you want, print them off and then use mod PVA glue or modge podge to hold the pictures to the wooden structure. If you aren’t into monograms, you could do this with any number of wooden hanging things. Pictures in black and white look really nice or you could make them in colour if you prefer. Either way, Mom is going to love this little collage of her favourite photos.

Kitchen Tablet HolderKitchen Tablet Holder

If your Mom has a tablet and especially if she uses her tablet in the kitchen for recipes and such, this DIY tablet holder is the perfect gift. You will need an old cutting board – if you don’t have one on hand you can probably find several at yard sales, flea market or thrift stores for around a dollar or so. A scrabble board letter holder works perfect to hold the tablet in place. You just need to choose a paint colour and then sand it a little after painting to give it a great rustic look.


Mint Chocolate Body Butter

Mint Chocolate Body ButterThis whipped body butter is divine and Mom is sure to love the smell. It uses ingredients like cocoa butter, Shea butter, essential oils and a few others that are really good for the skin. You just have to whip it all together and then choose a container to hold it. A Mason jar or Jam jar  is a great idea or if you have a decorative container on hand then you could just put it in there. Add it to a basket or give it on its own. Either way, this is a great gift that Mom is going to adore.


Fabric Covered Journal   Fabric Covered Journal

Whether you want to give Mom a journal, a photo album or any other book type gift, take the time to cover it in fabric and make it really unique. This is a great idea for Moms who love to scrapbook or you could cover an empty recipe book and let her put all of her favourite recipes in there. You just have to choose fabric that you think she will love and then take the time to glue the fabric to the book. You can also add a few decorative embellishments or go all out and embroider her name on the book.


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