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Thursday, 3 March 2016

February Favourites

Hiii guys can you believe that the month of February is already coming to an end? We’re already 1/6 of the way through 2016 – crazy!So far this month I have tried some amazing products of which I would like to share with ya'll .
Hopee you likey this post

Number 1.
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I am currently trying out the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water . I love this cleansing water so much instead of eye makeup remover and cotton pad cos it takes like 100 cotton pads to remove on eye and with the cleansing water can’t just massage it into my skin and wash off.Simple

Number 2.
Formula X Erase Cuticle Cream.
I have never tried a cuticle cream before, but I was in boots one time and I saw it and decided to buy it, it works a miracle, and since then I constantly buy it. If you use it consistently it gets rid od any dryness on your cuticles . I use Solar Oil every fortnight and this at least one a week before bed. I would totally recommend this to you guys.

Number 3.
Maybelline colour tattoos
I’m a long time fan of these Maybelline colour tattoos , I came across them when a cousin recommended them to me. The colour is I have black orchid and it’s a taupeish kind of colour. It’s awesome by itself, but what I’m really loving at the moment is wearing it underneath some of the sparkly nude eye shadows I have, like or Maybelline iced latte which is another great buy.

Number 4.
benefit gimme brow.
Recently I have been loving this product  I started using only the benefit gimme brow on its own and it was amazing and it still works amazing with other products like the Anastasia gel. I actually like my brows better with this at the moment. It’s so simple and you can barley even tell that I did my eyebrows, Total score!!.

Number 5.
highlighter chubby stick
I haven’t bought something by Clinique in ages , I was browsing through Sephora when I saw a highlighter chubby stick! I love highlighters. It’s so beautifull. It is very light and bright so if you have dark skin, it may be TOO light and silvery, but it may work on your skin. I have brown skin and I was nervous to try it out but it worked the trick on me, and it’s SUPER EASY!!!!!!
I’ve been wearing this on special event, I feel like its a bit too much to wear it everyday since I spend most of my time in school,

Number 6.
bare minerals lip oil balm in peach passion
The bare minerals lip oil balm in peach passion.  It feels AMAZINGLY GOOD on the lips and the colour is Extremely pretty too. I’ve kept it in my pocket for the last month  and it’s soooo easy to apply and feels yummy if that makes sence. I’d love to try this in other colours.

Number 7.
Zoya nail polish
Zoya is one of my favourite nail polishes and nearly screamed when I saw these neutrals for spring.  They are close to Matte. I adore every single shade I have. This nail polish doesn't make my hands look to loud so I would definitely recommend them to you. I haven’t worn  polish regularly due to school but these are so nice and simple teachers can barely tell.

Number 8.

Mac Patisserie Lipstick
Patisserie is a lovely natural pink shade, Not many pink shades look nice on me but this is definitely a keeper. I usually don't go for mac lipsticks but this lipstick has definitely drawn me back to mac. If you have pinkish lips I would totally recommend it.  

Number 9.
Clarins Instant Lip Balm Perfector
I heard that Clarins were expanding the range into the form of six  packed lip balms, so of course I had to get one ! I got the shade 'My Pink' which is the Ph reactive version so it reacts to the acidity levels in your lips and therefore looks a little different on everyone. On me it goes into a nice darkish pink which looks amazing. Itfeels lovely and moisturising on the lips and also has the same yummy scent that the glosses have which reminds me of  angel cake!

Number 11.

Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Lip Pencil
The last beauty product is this lovely lip pencil from Maybelline in the shade Nude Perfection. I'm quite late on the bandwagon with these but I decided to buy one whilst it was on offer for about £2.50 and I'm so glad I did. The colour is that darker 90's style nude shade and is really similar to the ever coveted Kylie Jenner lip colour. The formula is matte but velvety and smooth and last ages on the lips, although I do find that it can be quite drying but at this price who cares!

Number 12.
Recently I have been loving the Neutrogena makeup wipes they are soo amazing, they remove my makeup so easily and I have been loving. My friend Lara recommended them to me as she used them and was amazed, so when I was in boots and I came across them I thought I would give them a try, and I still use them now. So this is definitely a good staple.

What have you been loving throughout February?