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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Cute Pompom Furr Ball-Tutorial.

Hiii guys today I'm going to be showing you how to make these cute pompom fur balls that I have been loving lately, they are so simple to make but come out do cute in the end. You can use them for allsorts of thing, like I've been putting them on my keys bags and even my PHONE!!!!!!. In the picture above^^ I put a pink pompom onto a present box and it was just adorable. The great thing about these pompoms is that you can personalise them and turn them into your own.
Hope you enjoy this tutorial..
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What you will need:
Coloured yarn on wool
A hand
Step one:
Get the yarn/wool and wrap it around four fingers like 100 times then cut it when you are happy
Step two:
Take the yarn/wool of your fingers and tie a piece of yarn/wool through the loop in the middle twice to secure it.
Step three:
Cut the loops open so it becomes a messy fur ball kind of thing
Step four:
Give your fur ball a hair cut and make it more pompom like
Step five:
Take another piece of yarn/wool and tie it around the fur ball
Step six:
Get a key ring or whatever you are going to attach it to then add it on..
And you're done !!!!
Hope you liked this poste
hugs and kisses